Coffee from Sidamo, Ethiopia

Discover why the Sidamo region of Ethiopia is a prized source for mixed heirloom gourmet Arabica coffee beans. 

Sidamo coffee beans harvested from this high-altitude region of Ethiopia  take longer to mature which allow the plants and beans to absorb more  nutrients from the fertile soil of this region. This growing environment  develops unique and exotic flavors only available from these famous  mountains. Tiru Sidamo coffee contains the flavor notes of lemon, wine,  wild berries, and milk chocolate.

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What Makes Sidamo Coffee Unique?


The Sidamo region of Ethiopia is prized for its complex flavored “mixed heirloom” Arabica coffee. These gourmet beans are grown by farmers on small plots of land and then brought together at processing sites. The area has much more to offer than its unique blend of coffee tastes.

High elevation growing qualifies Sidamo coffee as “Strictly High Grown” (SHG). Beans from this region are typically washed or wet process, however natural process is also common. Tiru Coffee’s Sidamo beans are natural or dry process.Sidamo coffee is known for its wild, citrus aromatics, complex acidity and fruity, floral notes. Discover our Ethiopian Sidamo coffee for yourself or read why we selected it for Tiru Coffee. Learn more about our coffee from the Harrar and Yirgacheffe regions. 

Coffee Processing

In the Sidamo region, coffee beans can be washed or wet process as well as natural (unwashed or dry process). Tiru Coffee uses natural process beans to deliver an exceptional product. Grown on small farms, the cherries are carefully sorted and then placed on raised beds for 2-3 weeks of drying time before the beans are removed. 

Names for Sidamo & Sidama

Sidamo is a province named after a native ethnic group called the Sidama. The Sidama spelling is often used when referring to the region or its people, but the coffee industry typically refers to the area as Sidamo.

Sidamo Culture

Coffee is central to the culture of the people of Ethiopia, including those in the Sidamo region. 

Not only is the industry a source of income for many, it permeates the language and customs of the locals. 

Birthplace of Humanity

The Great Rift Valley in Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of humanity with some of the earliest hominids being found here.

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Coffee Ceremony

The people of Sidamo adhere to a traditional method of preparing,  serving and drinking coffee. The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is as much  about socialization as it is about coffee, because in Ethiopia, sharing  coffee together is the primary act of hospitality. As many as three  times a day, women host guests at a ceremony during which they all swap  stories and share laughter, triumphs, sorrows and even gossip.

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Location of Sidamo

Sidamo is located in the Ethiopian highlands in the southern part of the country. The region sits at an elevation of 4,900 – 6,500 feet above sea level. At this altitude, coffee plants grow more slowly and have ample time to absorb nutrients. This allows the beans to develop more robust flavors.

Climate of Sidamo

Sidamo has a mild climate with a moderate amount of rainfall. Low temperatures typically average near 50 °F with highs around 80 – 90 °F year-round. The area usually receives 47” – 63” of rain each year, mostly between May and October. The combination of temperature and moisture is idea for coffee bean growth.